Jesse and Henry




July 26, 2024

The Story of Us

This is somewhere between an enemies to lovers and a friends to lovers type of love story.


Let’s take it back in the fall of 2015. Jesse was a member of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority at the University of Alabama, and a requirement to keep good standing in the sorority was to be an active member in at least two other organizations on campus. The chapter meeting where this was announced was as classic as the movies. One by one, different sorority members stood up to pitch an organization they were involved in to try and recruit new members. If you know anything about Jesse, then you know she would never dare go near anything to do with sports, politics, or academics, but she loved to dance. Given this information, you would not be shocked when you heard she was intrigued when a member pitched an organization called Dance Marathon. Knowing nothing, other than it was an organization that raised money for Children’s of Alabama and involved dancing (or so she thought), she went home to fill out an application. When selecting which committee she wanted to be on, it only made sense she chose “Morale” because she is nothing if not bossy, loud, convincing, and energetic. It seemed like a match made in heaven.

At this same time, Henry was a freshman looking for a way to get more involved on campus other than playing Ultimate Frisbee. During “Get on Board Day,”  where students go to see all the organizations The University of Alabama has to offer, he was drawn to the Dance Marathon table. If you knew Henry back in 2015, then it would surprise you zero percent that he was drawn to the outgoing, creative committee that is Morale. It would also surprise you zero percent that he included in his application that he was gorgeous under “Why should you be selected for Morale?”